We have had several people ask if they can pay
their Tithe and Offerings online.  Now you can
donate via the web with a credit or debit card
by creating an account with PayPal.com  It is
easy and fast way to donate and it is still Tax
Deductible to a non-profit organization.  Just
click the link below, set up an account and
your ready to donate. Please put whether you
are paying your tithe, an offering to the
church, the building fund, or missionary when
you pay.

You may also pay during a service with your
credit or debit card. During offering time just
come to the lobby with your card, you will have
a receipt emailed to you right after we process
the transaction.

In NEH.10:35 God asks for our first fruits.
We do not advocate going into credit card
debt to pay your tithes
Additional Options
If you wish to DONATE
click above.
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