The Lord said to me  …”I will divide The Nations that push to divide my
Holy City.”  -  October 9, 2007

During our regular Monday night prayer meeting at church last night October 8,
2007 there came a time when several of the ladies went into a lamented sorrowful
weeping time.  As the lamenting went on I heard The Lord said to me  …”I will
divide The Nations that push to divide my Holy City. There are four
Nations/Regions that are pushing for the division of my Holy City Jerusalem.  I will
divide THEM!“   I felt the Lord was showing me that one nation would implode from
a civil war.  And the only Nation I saw clearly was the United States.  I saw a vision
of the U.S like I was looking down from up in space and then suddenly a big crack
appeared on it.  Just about vertical up and down close along the Mississippi river,
from the top of the U.S.down through the middle of the nation.

                                      Pastor Martha

Pastor John Kilpatrick (Church of His Presence & Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival) had a similar
dream in 2008 and you can
click on this link AND SCROLL DOWN A BIT and read about it, be
sure to click the PDF file on his page so you can read the entire dream and vision as he wrote
it.  I believe that both my dream and his are saying that the New Madrid Fault line will go in the
new future and we need to be ready for this traumatic event. To read about the New Madrid
earthquake of 1811-1812

Pastor Shane Warren from West Monroe Louisiana had a similar vision of the New
Madrid earthquake about a year ago you can go watch a YouTube video of his interview
on Sid Roth
here. Amazingly the wording of how God told him was very similar to the
exact wording God told me back in 2007.
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As I watched the US Olympics on Saturday 08-05-12, I saw the USA flag fall
to the ground during the ceremony, I was totally shocked in light of dreams
and revelations the Lord has been showing us.  All I could do was recall a
recent dream my husband just had a couple of weeks ago.  I said, “Lord are
you trying to tell us something prophetically?”  As I have been pondering this
the past few days --I’m surer now that he was trying to get our attention.  It
cannot be just a coincidence that at the exact point where the wording would
have said “And our flag was still there”, that the exact second that line was
finished playing the flag released and fell from the pole, leaving only the
Belarus and the Russian flags intact on their poles, rising up above the
audience.  Here is a YouTube link so that you may watch it yourself.
Here is the dream Pastor Richard Ogles had and the interpretation he
On June 17, 2012 I had dream where Richard our youth leader, Karen one
of the backup singers, and myself where at an older couples house doing
some work. In the dream it seemed like it was about 11:00 in the morning;
the sky was clear blue and the grass in this couples yard was very green.
There was a new American Flag stuck in a piece of pipe in the front yard,
then all of a sudden a black bird maybe a Raven came and shredded the
flag. Then I went to the front door and told the older gentleman what had
happened then he handed me 5 other older flags. Theses flags were rolled
up individually like you would roll up a beach towel, they were not folded like
you would fold a flag and they were stacked upon one another. Then I went
and put one of those back where the other flag was shredded. Now Richard
was on the right side of the house with his back up against this huge
Cottonwood tree and he had a piece of pipe in his hand that had threads on
in and he was screwing it into the tree right above his head. Then we put
another one of those flags in it. Then the dream shifted and it was at the
end of the day about when the sun was setting. We had just finished our
work for the couple. We were standing out front by our work truck and I told
Karen that we were going to move south and then she had this funny look
on her face like what are you doing. Then the dream ended.  Now the
setting of the dream was in color and it was as if it really happened.
I received an interpretation from a well-known prophetic ministry at a
conference that I went to recently. The interpretation that I received was that
this new America that they are trying to put in place will be destroyed and
that God would restore America according to how it was founded. The 5
flags represent Grace, which means that God was giving our Church grace
to intercede and to pray for America.

What We Must Do Now
I truly believe the Lord is showing us that we MUST pray and intercede
for America as never before!  Not just our church but also every church
and every Christian who are called to this task.  Abraham's Prayed for
Sodom Genesis 18:20-33, Moses Interceded For Israel Exodus 32:
11-13, 31-32, Ezra's Prayed for The Sins Of His People Ezra 9:6-15,
Elijah Asks the Lord to Reveal Himself to the People I Kings 18:36-37,
Daniel Prayed As He Identified With The Sins of His People Daniel 9:
4-19 and the list could go on and on, its now up to us that we should
pray for this country!  God is calling us to stand in the gap before its
too late!  Right now its NOT too late and He is sounding the call to
those who will listen to His voice.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall
humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their
wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.