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The Olive Branch Christian Fellowship
The Olive Branch Christian
1101 Columbus Ave.
Waco, TX
Wednesday Evenings at 7:00
Our first four classes in The School of the Spirit series began on June
6, 2018.

Discipleship Bootcamp - This class must be completed first, before
moving on to other classes. The Holy Spirit has given us 12 stepping
stones to discipleship; to teach, train, and equip you so that you will be
the faithful steward that God has called you to be.

Character Building - We should all be seeking to be like Jesus Christ.
In this class we will discuss what that means and why we struggle so
much in that area. Also how to actually accomplish being more like Him

End-Time Messengers - This six week class will cover the
Gog-Magog War, the 70 weeks of Daniel, and the book of Revelation.

School of Intercession - Opening our heart to be possessed for a
purpose. Prayer to bring forth redemption, truth & justice, to ward off
wrath, etc. Strategic partnering with our Bridegroom.